Tissue paper performance

At ChemPro we are committed to developing high end performance chemicals for the Tissue Paper industry.
We provide exclusive products, extensive knowledge and cost efficient solutions to improve your process.

We feature flexible manufacturing capabilities that permit blending of bespoke products adapted to your needs and specifications.

Wether you are looking for wet end chemistry or additives for converting our team of experts will help you find the perfect solution.

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Surface Treatments & Lotions

CP Soft Series

Our Surface Treatments & Lotions are made of high-end cosmetic grade ingredients. We only use high purity raw materials and high-end clear silicones which will not hinder brightness or have ill effects on skin.

CP Soft Surface Treatments & Lotions are applied without dilution on a tissue paper web in converting. CP Soft Surface Treatments & Lotions do not contain water and therefore less tensile degradation will be achieved after application.

They are designed to substantially increase handfeel, improve surface smoothness, improve web flexibility and increase the softness of the tissue paper at low rates of application.

Our converting lotions may be further formulated depending on your application technique: Spraying, Printing or Electrostatic Spraying.

We also offer added value ingredients that can be incorporated to our lotions to give specific caracteristics to your tissue paper: Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut Extracts, Herbal Extracts, Natural Fragrances, Anti-Microbial & Anti-Viral Additives and more.

Softeners & Debonders

CP Debond Series

The CP Debond series is designed to reduce tensile strength of the pulp while improving softness and hand feel of facial and toilet tissue.

All our debonders are cationic and are added to the pulp before it reaches the headbox. They can be combined with CP Soft 100A to increase the softening effect. Significant hand feel improvements are obtained in the finished tissue product.

The release effect is low compared to competitive products.

A synergystic relationship is obtained when using a CP Debond product together with a spray of CP Soft 100A on the felt.

CP Soft 100A

CP Soft 100A is used as a softening agent on the tissue paper machine by spraying a diluted solution on the felt before the suction press. It can also be sprayed or printed in the converting process. In both cases, CP Soft 100A will substantially increase the handfeel of the tissue paper.

The increase of surface smoothness and flexibility of the tissue sheet is dependent on the amount of CP Soft 100A applied, the furnish used for the tissue paper, and the physical characteristics of the tissue paper.

Coatings & Releases

CP Coat Series

Our coatings are PAAE polymers used on tissue paper machines for producing facial tissue, toilet tissue, towel and napkin. The product is sprayed on the Yankee in an aqueous solution together with a release agent.

Our CP-Coat series provide an even and homogeneous coating on the Yankee dryer under the right spray and process conditions.

The coating increases tissue softness, tissue bulkiness and promotes better machine performance.

CP Release Series

Our silicone based releases are more efficient and significantly outperform the conventional oil based releases. Lower usage is achieved, typically one third of oil based releases. Significant handfeel improvement can be obtained in the finished tissue product.

Less foam is produced in the white water system as compared to competitive products. Based on the lower concentrations used, waste water solids are reduced up to one sixth of the typical waste generated when oil based release agents are used.

The release effect depends on the Yankee coating/release package that is used.

Chempro recommends the CP-Coat adhesives with this product.

Anionic & Cationic Promoters

CP Promote Series
Anionic Promoters

ChemPro offers negatively charged copolymer blends that are widely used to decrease the cationic charge in the system.

Cationic Promoters

These were developed to deal with anionic trash by neutralizing it.

Our Cationic Promoters are added directly to the pulp stream.

These promoters will help achieve improvements in retention, sizing, system cleanliness and process stabilization.


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