Specialty Chemicals
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Rubber Extrusion & Protection
Release Agents
ChemPro produces silicone based release agents used in the molding of rubber products. 
Our silicon release agents keep the rubber from sticking to the mold while lubricating the rubber in order to optimize the slide effect over the hot mold as it is loaded.
ChemPro also supplies quality high solid slab dips for the rubber industry.
Rubber Protection: Age Master No. 1
Age Master No. 1 rubber protectant helps extend the life of rubber.  It will help cut maintenance costs, slow rubber deterioration & aging and extend service life.  Age Master No. 1 isn't just a surface coat.  It will penetrate and protect rubber from cracking and hardening caused by heat, ozone and UV light.  It will extend the service life of rubber parts and reduce down time and replacement costs.  It naturally put a dark, glossy finish on rubber surfaces and it will penetrate for lasting protection that will not flake, peel, or wash off.
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