Water Technology
Water Filter Treatment
ChemPerm is an iron filter regenerant and a strong oxidizing agent that converts dissolved iron and manganese mollecules to insoluble oxides which can easily be removed through filtration.
ChemCit is a water softener and iron cleaner that removes iron and other contaminants from fouled water softeners. ChemCit is an environmentally friendly water softener/cleaning agent that removes hard water deposits, lime scale and iron staining.
ChemAsh is an alkaline compound which eliminates acidity in potable water systems. ChemAsh eliminates build-up around the injection points. ChemAsh also eliminates corrosion from pipes, pressure tanks and water heaters.
ResNet is a specially formulated liquid resin cleaner designed to clean resin beads of iron, manganese, metal particles and organic compounds that clog-up resin softeners. ResNet will restore the softener filtering capacity and maintain the life of the unit.
Since 1997 ChemPro has been supplying industries, municipalities and households with premium water filter treatment products: