Tissue Paper Performance
CP Coat Series
Our coatings are PAAE polymers used on tissue paper machines for
producing facial tissue, toilet tissue, towel and napkin.  The product is sprayed on the Yankee in an aqueous solution together with a release agent.
Our CP-Coat series provide an even and homogeneous coating on the Yankee dryer under the right spray and process conditions. 
The coating  increases tissue softness, tissue bulkiness and promotes better machine performance. 
CP Release Series
Our silicone based releases are more efficient and significantly outperform the conventional oil based releases.  Lower usage is achieved, typically one third of oil based releases.  Significant handfeel improvement can be obtained in the finished tissue product.  Less foam is produced in the white water system as compared to competitive products.  Based on the lower concentrations used, waste water solids are reduced up to one sixth of the typical waste generated when oil based release agents are used. 
The release effect depends on the Yankee coating/release package that is used.
Chempro recommends the CP-Coat adhesives with this product.
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Softeners & Debonders
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